Founded in 1947, the EDWIN brand is known for its authenticity, innovation, and craftsmanship. Founded in Tokyo, Japan with a passion for denim, EDWIN was amongst the first merchants to import jeans from the United States. Over the years, as demand for denim clothing increased, EDWIN sought an opportunity to manufacture domestically and established Japanese denim factories. By the 1960s, EDWIN had become one of the global leaders in denim manufacturing, renowned for making the world’s heaviest Ringspun denim with a three-color Rainbow Selvage.

In the decades to come, EDWIN continued to innovate, pushing the denim industry forward. Experiments in the EDWIN “Wash House” gave birth to “stone washing,” a technique and aesthetic impacting the global denim culture. Concepts developed within EDWIN factories have been adopted by every major denim producer in the world. Today, EDWIN stands unwaveringly as the gold standard in Japanese denim production.

EDWIN is proud to add a new page of continual progression in ultimate design and fit. Designed by Adriano Goldschmied, the new collection fuses craftsmanship and innovation while bringing a modern aesthetic to the brand. Adriano has tapped into EDWIN’s long history for inspiration, utilizing exclusive fabrics and revolutionary production technologies, to create a limited collection for both men and women. Staying true to the roots of the brand, the entire collection will be manufactured in Japan. Only available within North America, EDWIN USA will enter stores Spring/Summer 2018.