Five Sustainability Podcasts to Listen to

There are many ways to learn about sustainability (some of which we covered here), but podcasts are one of our favorite methods. They distill complex social and environmental issues into compelling conversations and relatable stories with actionable advice.  Whether you’re a sustainability specialist or just eco-curious, there’s a podcast to inspire, educate or empower you. Here are our favorites. 


Hosted by Clare Press, Vogue Australia’s sustainability editor-at-large and the author of Rise & Resist: How to Change the World, Wardrobe Crisis is a fashion podcast about all things ethical and sustainable. Through insightful interviews with guests like Livia Firth and Ellen MacArthur, the podcast takes on the politics of personal style, plastic pollution, climate change, circular fashion, inclusivity and so much more. Essential listens: Baroness Lola Young on Modern Slavery (episode 53) and Orsola de Castro Queen of Upcycling (episode 69).  


Green Dreamer, with host Kaméa Chayne, is for “creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs dreaming of a sustainable future.” With an optimistic approach, the podcast explores intersectional sustainability, social good and personal and public well-being. It also encourages positivity with final thoughts like “follow your inner compass and curiosity.” If you want to be inspired, empowered and moved to action, then this is the podcast for you. Essential listen: Reaching That Tipping Point When Sustainability Will Break Into the Mainstream (episode 114).


Conscious Chatter is our go-to podcast for conversations about sustainable fashion. In each engaging and informative episode, host and producer Kestrel Jenkins talks with people along the global supply chain — such as entrepreneurs, designers, farmers and factory workers — and explores the relationship between fashion and ethics. The podcast asks questions about who made our clothes and what they’re made of, urging us to think more deeply about what we wear. Essential listens: Water (episode 3) and Diversity in Fashion (episode 23).


Hosted by Jared Blumenfeld, who was appointed by President Obama as the regional administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from 2009 to 2016, Podship Earth examines “how we can keep ourselves and the planet healthy.” Each episode clearly presents the scientific facts on a wide range of environmental issues, and features thought-provoking interviews that teach you practical solutions to real-world challenges. Essential listens: The Path Forward (episode 2), Everybody’s Plastic (episode 14) and Makers (episode 39).


A Sustainable Mind is a relatable and action-oriented podcast for the conscious consumer and eco-curious. The podcast features people who are educating, empowering and inspiring others; asks them questions about their sustainable habits and how listeners can apply them at home; and ends with a list of resources and advice — in hopes that it will “inspire the environmental change-makers of tomorrow.” Essential Listens: Positive Impact Through Incremental Habits (episode 43) and Let’s Talk Microplastics (episode 57).