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Get to Know Andrea Vallé

The Philadelphia singer-songwriter on what inspires her poetic dream pop.

Andrea Vallé reclined showing off black jeans and snake boots

In her hallucinatory music video for “No More,” the Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Andrea Vallé is bathed in blue light, an homage to Hype Williams’ 1998 film Belly. Much in the same way, her sound is a contemporary interpretation of music born of the same decade, a Millennial take on neo soul, but with the ethereal textures of dream pop. It recalls SZA and King Krule, while remaining uniquely her own. For example, in “No More,” her breathy vocals meander gently through chimes, chirps and heartbeat synths. In the video, her platinum-blonde braids slowly sway and her lips glitter as she mouths the words of the emotional song: “What happened to those days? Where you would wait at my house? And my momma yellin’ out, don’t fall in love too fast now.” Continue reading to learn more about the 23-year-old rising songstress — from her favorite 90s albums to what inspires her lyrics and more.

On Growing Up:

I grew up just shy of Southwest Philadelphia in a town called Darby, which is where I was raised. My younger years living in Darby were great and I had an amazing childhood. I kept busy with extracurricular activities at school and always found joy in being creative. In my teenage years, I grew distant from my town and gravitated toward the city and other parts of Philly to further my singing career, and it most definitely showed me some really great ropes.

When She Fell in Love with Music:

I’ve always loved music but around 7th or 8th grade is when I really dived into choir at school and church and even plays, like Dreamgirls and The Wiz

What Inspires Her Lyrics: 

My real life inspires my lyrics. All the juice and advice my girlfriends tell me inspire my lyrics. And even when I don’t really know what to say, that’s a lyric right there. 

Andrea Vallé leaning in front of an older car in New York

Her Favorite R&B Albums From the 90s:

Baduizm by Erykah Badu. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. What’s the 411? by Mary J Blige. Brandy by Brandy.

Her Dream Collaboration: 

That’s so tough, it’s too many artists I love and admire.

On Becoming a Model:

I’ve always loved the glitz and glamour, makeup and hair, and just that very part made it so easy to try out when I was younger. I remember being in dance school, and we had to do hair and makeup ourselves for the recitals and also take dance photos so I was very familiar with the camera at a young age. 

On Diversity in Fashion: 

I think the fashion industry is expanding and opening its arms to more than just the average supermodel — people of all shapes, sizes, genders. It’s amazing to witness and to be a part of.

On Her Personal Style & Where She Shops: 

My personal style is a mix of everything I feel. Down to my hairstyles, I never stick with just one thing. I shop mostly at thrifts and consignment shops, Depop and even eBay has all the gems. 

On Depression & Self-Care: 

Playboi Carti said, “Just to feel like this, it took a long time (yeah),” and I felt that. Getting to a point where I’m comfortable with myself and love every bit of myself and realized I don’t need validation ever from anyone, I’m my most happiest self. 

Close up of Andrea's face with neon green eyeliner Close up of Andrea with cloudy sky above and behind her

What She’s Most Proud Of: 

I’m most proud of being able to do what I love, every day, as a living. 

Her Favorite Poem:

Here’s one I wrote:
Drowned out by the noise
of those who deceive and mislead
I was never one to coincide with a deluded mind
But perhaps I've been fooled
and perhaps I've been blind
Fantasies aren't tangible but they're easy to sell
And I was sold on the notion of having a purpose in love again
To willing that I didn't notice my unstable steadiness or your unwilling readiness
So where do you take a voided heart
if not naturally back to its source
Rejection almost seems predestined
and reality revealed a mirror of confusion between us
Dwelling on what was and trying to grasp what could be
Cautious of falling again
while trusting my soul and living by fate
Faith is the substance of the things hoped for the evidence of things not seen


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