Launched in Tokyo in 1961, the EDWIN brand set the standard for Japanese denim production. In 2019, EDWIN USA launched with a new purpose: To radically transform the denim industry from a take-make-waste linear economy into a restorative circular economy that fosters mindful consumption.
That’s why our materials are sourced from a carefully selected network of suppliers; our jeans are made at Saitex, the world’s cleanest denim factory; and we offer forward-thinking recycling and upcycling programs. Our overall aim at EDWIN USA is to improve our environmental, social and economic impact, and lead the way in building a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.

We use sustainable materials like organic cotton which requires 91% less water than standard cotton.

Nearly half of the cotton we use is certified organic. By 2022, all of the cotton we use will be organic.

Being diverse and inclusive is essential to EDWIN USA

Being diverse and inclusive is essential to EDWIN USA

The average pair of EDWIN USA jeans uses 69% less energy than the industry average

EDWIN USA is responsibly manufactured at Saitex, the first B-Corp certified factory

We also produce with Rekut, a social entrepreneurship project that provides employment do differently abled people

We use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as guidelines to measure our impact

In the future, we will offer free repairs for life and up cycling programs

EDWIN USA jeans are made in part with clean, alternative energy sources

We aim to measure the environmental impacts of all our products through Life Cycle Assessments

Our textile waste is being transformed into multipurpose panels that can be used to build furniture

The average pair of EDWIN USA jeans uses 98% less water during processing than the average pair of jeans