8 Ethical & Sustainable Instagrams

There are many ways to learn about sustainability — from documentaries like The True Cost to podcasts like Conscious Chatter. But one of our favorite sources of eco-inspiration is social media, and so we asked sustainable-fashion influencer Madelynn De La Rosa to share her go-to accounts. No matter where you are on your journey to sustainability, these accounts will inspire you to be a morethoughtful and conscientious consumer. Here are her favorites in her own words.


Jenny is the thrifting queen! She has, in my humble opinion, the best style on YouTube and is continuously creating content that just makes our hearts sing. She is passionate about sustainability and showcasing it in a beautiful, effortless way. Jenny is a breath of fresh air and someone to definitely keep an eye out for!

Shop New Classics 

A Canadian-based online shop owned by the illustrious Alyssa Lau. Everything curated supports the slow-fashion movement and showcases independent designers who are paving the way in innovative ways. This is also a great resource for finding out more about the movement because everything you could ever want to know is beautifully compiled on the site. From your carbon footprint to human rights to greenwashing, Shop New Classics has got you covered and is a great place to start if you’re new to ethical fashion and want to learn more.

Hoda Katebi

Talk about a powerhouse! Hoda has used her platform as a form of activism where she has challenged Orientalism, mainstream beauty standards and integrates ethical fashion through an anti-capitalist, intersectional-feminist lens. Speaking of which, word came out earlier this year that Hoda is launching a fashion production co-op for immigrant and refugee women in Chicago.

Nois NYC

Similar to Shop New Classics, Nois is a beautifully curated online retailer that is committed to showcasing thoughtful, emerging slow fashion brands. However, Nois takes it a step further by carefully selecting each piece to be free of all animal products. That means no silk, animal skin, hair or fur.

Lauren Singer

Lauren, or Trash is for Tossers, is absolutely committed to sustainability — so much so that in 2015 she was able to fit all the trash she produced in a year into one mason jar (as seen on her TED Talk).  She has been living a zero-waste lifestyle for years, and opened up her own store called Package Free Shop in Brooklyn. Her dedication to making the world a more sustainable place is undoubtedly inspiring.

Madolyn Benson 

Madolyn is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based out of Atlanta who is passionate about thrifting and sustainable fashion. Her sweet and gentle demeanor simply reads through the screen. She’s adorable, has impeccable taste and shoots on film — need I say more?

Fashion Revolution

This is your one-stop shop for everything slow fashion. They are committed to transforming the fashion industry by educating everyone involved — from farmer to consumer and everyone in between. They have an abundance of resources on their site and IG that will get you all caught up and inspire you to demand transparency within the fashion industry too.

Sisilia Piring

Sisilia is an extremely talented photographer and thrifting connoisseur who started her own online vintage shop called Shop Girl LA. She is currently traveling across the U.S. in a vintage camper (talk about cute), so she’s taking a break from the shop, but you can follow her along her journey and see all of her newly thrifted pieces. We are selfishly hoping she saves some for the rest of us!